"The First Moo"

The co-founders and co-producers Julie Gabel and Mark Landon Smith of Ceramic Cow Productions met in the fall of 2000 when Julie was asked to director the Not-A-Penny production of Smith's script, Dupont, Mississippi.  Reluctant at first having just finished directing Laundry and Bourbon, Julie read the script and loving it, enthusistically agreed to direct.

Mark met Julie at the Dupont, Mississippi auditions.  They sized each other up.  "Was she," thought Mark, "going to understand my work?"  "Will he,"  thought Julie, "be hovering around rehearsals watching our every move?"  The answers were yes - Mark found out very quickly Julie did indeed understand his work and more than anyone he had encountered.  And no - Mark would not be hovering around rehearsals.

A friendship was quickly formed and following the astounding success of the premiere production of Dupont, Mississippi, Julie and Mark realized simultaneously they had something together.  They understood each other, were on the same page creatively and laughed so much when together stomach and head aches were the result.  

Following another astounding success with the Not-A-Penny 24 Hour Play, which Julie directed and Mark wrote, the two joined forces and created Ceramic Cow Productions, LLC.  Since the establishment of Ceramic Cow, the Gabel-Smith creative team, along with the best talent in the region, have:

  • Received top honors in the 2005 & 2007 24 Hour Play Competition
  • Publication of the original Dupont, Mississippi by Baker's Plays/Samuel French, Inc.
  • Produced the comedy short film "Dupont, Mississippi:  F5" featured at the New York International Film Festival in Los Angeles
  • Produced the "Pearl's of Wisdom" television special
  • Produced the Dupont, Mississippi stage series including A Dupont Christmas, A Dupont Christmas...Again, A Dupont Christmas Carol, Pearl's of Wisdom LIVE! and Pearl's Sixth White Trash Wedding
  • Co-Produced of the 2008 Arts Festival Performing Arts Weekend
  • Wrote, premiered and produced Bigfoot Love

Keep your ears clean, eyes open and head to the ground about what is coming up next with Ceramic Cow Productions!

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